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Lucedale City Hall
5126 Main Street
Lucedale, MS 39452

Phone: 601-947-2082
Fax: 601-947-4998  

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The City Of Lucedale now accepts online credit card payments. To pay your water bill, go to Departments/Water Dept. and click on the "Pay Your Water Bill" tab. To pay court fines, go to Departments/Police Dept. and click on the "Pay Your Fine" tab.


The City of Lucedale is a supporter of Arbor Day.  Please visit for more info.


Police Dept.


545 Oak Street

Phone: 601-947-3261   

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Organization, Staffing and Workload

The Lucedale Police Department staff consists of the Chief of Police, (1) Investigator, (11) Patrolmen, (1) Court Clerk and (6) Deputy Court Clerk/Dispatchers. The department also has a Public Relations Officer, a Narcotic Officer, and Training Officer.. The Police Department is responsible for providing law enforcement and related public safety services to a community of approximately 2458 citizens encompassing approximately 3.5 square miles. The city is the core of George County and as the city is continuing to grow, so must the Lucedale Police Department.

The Lucedale Police Department embraces a partnership between our community and the Officers who serve them. Our organizational philosophy encompasses the following:

1. The Lucedale Police Department is a service organization with our primary function to provide public safety related services which meets the need and/or desires of our community;

2. Our organization operations are strategic and are based on anticipating and solving problems before they erupt into major issues, rather than solely relying on a traditional command and control style which is simply based upon reacting and confronting individual incidents;

3. The Lucedale Police Department has formed a true partnership with the community's various stakeholders in order to provide a better quality of life for those who live, work and/or visit our community.


The Mission

The mission of the Lucedale Police Department is to maintain public peace, safeguard lives and property, and to provide quality of life whereby those persons within the City of Lucedale have a sense of security and freedom in their daily activities. To achieve these ends, the Lucedale Police Department will maintain the capability to provide a superior level of law enforcement and related services which are appropriate and timely. Specifically, the Department will maintain a viable proactive organization which recognizes and effectively responds to current and future community needs, and makes maximum use of available resources, personnel and technology.

Department Philosophy

The Lucedale Police Department's philosophy is that we are an integral part of the City of Lucedale and our primary responsibility is to provide superior service to the citizens of Lucedale. Our department reflects an attitude of shared department responsibility with all employees for the effective and efficient operation of our organization. The employees are encouraged to make recommendations which may lead to an improvement either in the performance of law enforcement and related services or in the use of Department resources.

The Department believes in the sensitive values of human diversity and of the different and varied cultural backgrounds of not only the citizens of Lucedale but of all those that visit our community. This fundamental belief enables us to respect the dignity and rights of the individual person and to treat all people in a fair and equitable manner without regard to race, nationality, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation and/or economic status. The Department will not tolerate discrimination in any manner or form by any person against a fellow human being.

The Department has a responsibility to provide all of its employees with the best possible training, guidance and equipment whereby we can successfully perform our assigned duties. The management and supervision must administered fairly and consistently while encouraging autonomy among the members of our Department. We have an obligation to strive for excellence in our work, thereby setting the best example as possible.

Department Goals

All members of the Lucedale Police Department recognize that an attitude of shared citizenship responsibility, mutual respect, and cooperation between the Department and the community is the key to effective law enforcement. The Department also recognizes that community institutions are key partners with this Department in creating a safe, secure community.

City Government

The Lucedale Police Department is an integral part of the government structure of the City of Lucedale. We understand that the City of Lucedale is committed to providing superior service to the community in ways that are helpful, caring, and responsible. Our Department will be responsive to decisions made by the Board of Alderman and the City Administration, and will work within City Government with a commitment to teamwork, honesty, trust, and mutual support to insure the city's goals.

Employee Development

The Lucedale Police Department firmly believes that our employees are the organization's most important resource, and the value of each is both recognized and respected, as is the uniqueness that each employee brings to our Department. To this end, the Lucedale Police Department has the desire to offer a pleasant and rewarding work environment, that allows employees to grow both personally and professionally. 


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