The City where "People and Progress Meet" invites you to visit us here in Lucedale. We know that if you visit you will want to become a part of our beautiful community. "The first hundred years", which is the Centennial Celebration of the city, was held in April 2001.

Lucedale is a great place to live because, it offers superior education, tremendous health care facilities and strong local leadership. There are a wide variety of religious, recreational and housing opportunities in Lucedale.

Because of the dedicated, committed citizens, many events are held annually. Be sure to visit our calendar for dates on these special occasions. The pride and community spirit is wonderful so, come visit us in Lucedale where "People and Progress Meet".

Welcome Message From Doug Lee, Mayor
Lucedale is a friendly, caring, small city located in South MS among the beautiful pine forests, cultivated fields, and numerous nurseries producing both seasonal and perennial plants. We are neither young nor old having just celebrated our first 100 years.

Being neither young nor old is representative of our attitudes towards our people. We have a good school system for our young, as well as a caring attitude toward our elderly. It appears to offer a good environment for all ages and this is borne out in the fact that there is a good mixture of young, middle age, and old in our community.Because of the recent influx of retirees, we are gearing up for those who are ending careers and ready to settle in a bedroom community. Race has never been an issue in our city. Lucedale's many churches reflect its faith-oriented people. Lucedale is a small city, and its desire is to maintain this image. It is an excellent, family-oriented community. It has long been recognized as an excellent area to raise children.

We are strategically located, being in the center of a triangle with Mobile on our east, Pascagoula to our south, and Hattiesburg to our west. We have three major highways transecting our city. Hunting, fishing, bird-watching, and water sports are all available in our area. The Gulf is located 45 minutes south of Lucedale.

We have a strong Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Program. Our present Industrial Parks are near overflowing. Recently, 1320 acres of private industrial property have been made available, making the likely hood of more good jobs at home available.

People take pride in their community and are willing to work together for others in their time of need. High goals are reached because its people are willing to work together for the benefit of Lucedale and its citizens.

Lucedale is unique in that it's past history and present situation reveals that we are able to take care of our own. Our retail industry shows that business is good in that sales continue to improve. According to the Mississippi State Tax Commission, total retails have risen from $48,399,571 in 1990 to $91,101,659 in 2000.

Lucedale offers the best medical care in rural MS. Also, our area professionals reveals that we have an adequate number of dentists, lawyers, pharmacists, engineers, allied health professionals, and educators with higher than normal degrees making Lucedale basically an independent municipality able to meet its citizens own needs.

Our city has a good infrastructure, and we are beginning long range planning seeking to make Lucedale's future the best that it can be. Check us out.

Lucedale was founded in 1901 when Governor A.H. Longino affixed his hand and seal to the proclamation, which incorporated the Town of Lucedale. At this time there were 332 inhabitants.

According to the 1970 census, the Town of Lucedale had a population of 2,083. This increase in population made the Town of Lucedale fall within the classification of a "City". On February 22, 1977, the Secretary of State, Hever Ladner signed the official order declaring the town as "City of Lucedale." Things have changed since 1901. The 2000 census showed the population of Lucedale at 2,458 citizens.

The first official meeting of the Board of Aldermen was a special called meeting held on June 20, 1901. The first Ordinance that was adopted was that to establish a permanent meeting place of the Board which was on the lower floor of the only Bank building in town at that time. We have since purchased a new City Hall and all meetings are held at 5126 Main Street, Lucedale, MS.

The first Post Office was built in Lucedale in 1899. When the town was incorporated in 1901, Dr. W.B. Brewton became the town's first Mayor. Lucedale serves as the county seat and is the only municipality in George County. Lucedale is located approximately 40 miles northwest of Mobile, 60 miles southeast of Hattiesburg, and 35 miles north of Pascagoula.

Doug Lee

Board of Aldermen
Carrie Moulds - Ward I
Lloyd Welford - Ward II
Jason Martin - Ward III
Payton Dudley - Ward IV
Louis Valentine - At Large

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